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Rakkasah West bound! - Northern California Belly Dancers Community

About Rakkasah West bound!

Previous Entry Rakkasah West bound! Jan. 9th, 2009 @ 10:15 pm Next Entry
We (House of Inanna I'm the one who has the bad headdress karma, in the yellow skirt (everybody else had shunned it, so coming late to the election, was stuck with it, there being only four colors and four of us) got into the call queue before noon on call-in day. I was the winning caller--and when a voice answered instead of the sound of the busy-tone, I was too flustered to speak at first.

We were flexible in our timing--I didn't want to be very early or very late, and we got a 12.45 pm spot on the first stage as you go in, on Sunday, which is the lighter day of the weekend for us socially at that time of the year (equinox/Ostara--and in SF, the SF Flower & Garden Show, which I do avoid on the weekend, as Rakkasah in the old site In Richmond was crowded enough for me).

So last year at the new site in Vallejo, it was not so crowded, but it was still awfully warm with all those bodies. The noise level was down to the point my ears and head didn't hurt, and I didn't get the sense of overwhelm I had at the Richmond site. Still not enough seating inside, or enough choice of food, but there is pleasant outdoor seating. Parking was $5, but your vehicles were being watched, allegedly.

Anyhow, we will be doing something to celebrate motherhood and bellydancing, and wearing mostly purple. Beyond that, you'll just have to come watch us.

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